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We are now permanently closed. Thank you to all the great people and doggies I got to work with over the years. Special thanks to my dogs Ollie and Chata who helped with teaching other dogs how to socialize. If anyone would like to contact me about non dog training matters -

Don't Let Your Dog's Behavior Problems Affect Your Life, or Your Relationship With Your Pet Another Day!

Don't blame yourself or your dog!

Behavior issues are VERY common.

They are often a result of conditioning, genetics, and several other factors.

The good news is: that regardless of the dog's age or past, they CAN be overcome!

In every dog, there's one that's loving and able to behave well in any setting. My goal with The Noble Dog is to help bring out that part of the dog's personality, and let it dominate. There is simply no need to put up with, or otherwise tolerate, poor/unwanted behavior from your dog.

Do you feel like your dog runs the house?

Do you often feel like your dog is “in control” instead of you?

It's time to take back control NOW

I specialize in teaching both you as well as your dog how to coexist, with the proper order and hierarchy. An important (and often-missed) part of training is involvement, and yes, training the owner.

Through my proven methods, I'll teach you how to be an effective, loving leader for your dog.

In no time at all, we will have your dog treating you and your home with respect and proper behavior. It's a matter of patience, conditioning, and a positive training environment.

Here are the more common problems that most dog owners experience with their pets:

  • Defiance
  • Aggression
  • Walking properly
  • Dominance
  • Destructive behavior
  • Running away
  • Chewing
  • Shyness
  • Jumping
  • Stealing food
  • Guarding items
  • Separation anxiety
  • Excessive barking
  • Urinating indoors
  • Excessive digging

Whether your dog's particular issue shows up on this list or not, I can help! Beyond that, I'll ensure that you end up with a dog who will also obey simple commands too!

While I specialize in discipline and behavior issues rather than “obedience” training, I can work with your pet to obey any set of commands you desire. All it takes is time and patience.

Would you like get started?

Let's talk about our training methods

If you are interested in reading about how our training methods work please continue reading. We talk about how we can help get you the best results in training and how to teach your dog how to have a friendlier disposition (or any other behavior goals you may have!).

Find information on training packages below

So What Training Methods Do I Use?

I believe in utilizing training methods that are positive, simple and effective. They must be able to apply to different aspects of a dog and owner's relationship. We set out to achieve a goal. That goal is to establish you, the owner as a good, respected leader for your dog. It's important to establish that the dog will respect you as its leader in the correct manner.

This in turn motivates the dog to naturally want to obey commands, as well as make an effort to please his leader, you.

Remember, dogs are naturally “pack animals”. It's in their DNA. One dog becomes the effective leader, and all the other members of the pack follow and obey the leader. The ultimate goal is to establish you as an effective and respected “leader” for your dog. As a result, he will naturally want to listen to you, as well as try his hardest to please you.

Believe it or not, a huge part of what I do is train the human side of the dog-owner equation to become truly effective leaders.

All of the sessions are “hands-on”. We will also discuss the theory of dog behavior in detail along the way. I will work with you as well as your dog in order to establish proper technique and communication. Every dog is different, so we'll also take the time to learn about your dog's own psychology and behavior patterns.

Remember that accomplishing this successfully, takes time and commitment.

Here are the more common problems that most dog owners experience with their pets:

  • The importance of fulfilling your dog's needs
  • Proper walking and discipline procedures
  • Effectively setting rules of the household for your dog to abide by, with no tolerance of bad behavior
  • And much more!

I find using a balanced approach to be the best way to set the foundation. This means using both positive reinforcement, as well as proper correction techniques. In my experience, this approach is the fastest and most effective way to stop bad behavior. It's also the best way to influence new and proper behavior in the future.

One of the more established ways of using positive reinforcement that most trainers use is by giving treats. I for one, do NOT do this. Instead, I prefer to use positive reinforcement in regards to what the dog wants. And believe it or not, that is very rarely treats. Your dog wants your love and attention more than treats.

Here's an example

I will often ask a dog I work with to sit and stay before exiting the house. If the dog successfully obeys, he will be positively rewarded by being taken outside for a walk. The dog is able to make the connection between obeying and direct positive rewards in a very logical way. This approach allows you as an owner to essentially train and adjust your dog's behavior through the course of a day. Without the use of repetitive, non-changing rewards, such as treats.

When I use a correction action, the goal is to simply snap the dog out of its current mindset. A correction can be anything from a specific noise (as in saying "no"), or a calm-but-assertive touch. The point of doing this is to let the dog know that he needs to be focusing on what I want him to be focusing on at that particular time.

I do not believe it's ever proper to use a correction to hit or hurt a dog, or cause any kind of discomfort even remotely. It's important as a trainer to remain calm with the dog he's working with. This encourages the dog to trust and remain calm right back with the trainer (as well as with you!).

Remember, I handle every dog with the same degree of love and attention I do with my very own. As ANY good trainer should.

What tools do I use?

To me, the most powerful tool, at the risk of sounding cliché', is the mind. When you learn the proper way to ask your dog to obey a command, you will learn more than just that. You will also learn the proper voice tone and body language to use.

These elements go a long way in establishing the leadership role. It clearly communicates to the dog that YOU are the leader and shall be obeyed. Better yet, it will make the dog WANT to obey you. This is half the battle.

As for “physical” tools, we will use whatever you as the owner are comfortable with. My standard tool is a slip lead. Nothing fancy or elaborate, but it works virtually every time. When we do the initial evaluation, we can discuss other tools. Including any you may be currently using with your dog, or have used in the past.

What can you expect?

As a result of my working with your dog, you can expect some very clear, distinct results:

  1. Your dog will have excellent behavior skills, and will listen to your standard commands.
  2. Your dog will keep his or her personality, and the quirky characteristics you have come to love.
  3. Your dog will live within the rules you have established, and will be happy to do it.

How long will it take?

This depends greatly on a few factors. It also depends on what you're willing to commit on a personal level towards the training and rehabilitation of your dog. It's important to understand that effective training, behavior modification, and rehabilitation all take time. Also, just as importantly, it requires consistency on your behalf.

When you hire me to work with your dog, be assured that you will get 100% commitment from me towards you and your dog. All I ask is that you do the same. If you do, chances are very good that you will start seeing small changes almost immediately. Those changes will build on top of the previous changes with every day and every session.

Commit to the process, and you will be amazed not only at the results, but how fast they will come along. Don't worry, I will commit to the process too. I will take on any case no matter how hopeless it may appear!

As first a dog walker, then a trainer, I have dealt with dogs of all kinds of temperaments and dispositions. I even worked with a dog that was so aggressive towards humans, that he charged me the first time we made eye contact.

Within one week, he became completely calm-submissive, and safe to keep around. With only one hour's session, and giving the owner the proper procedures to manage the dog, they saw results in a WEEK.

This was not just because of my work, but it was the owner's commitment that made all the difference. It's proof that with proper information, practice and consistency, any dog owner can achieve great results with ANY dog.

What will I have to do as the owner?

Remember, when you hire me, my job will be to train YOU as well as your dog. This process is easier than you think. It doesn't require hard work nearly as much as it requires consistency, and commitment. After each session, I will give you the homework for the week. For best and fastest results, commit to one hour a day to work with your dog to apply your homework.

And no, “working” with your dog does not include petting your dog, or being in the same room with him. Just follow the simple steps I give you, do the homework, and you will see results in no time at all!

Get Quality, Professional Training, At The Best Rates in Ventura County!

My specially-designed training packages give you the best value in the marketplace. Based on your needs, and your dog's own unique situation, we'll determine which package is best for you.

We will then customize the right package to fit your needs, as well as your dog's. Each session is held in your home, and usually lasts about an hour. All sessions are “hands-on” and dedicated to developing the proper behavior skills between you and your dog.

To best determine the package that's right for you, take advantage of an initial training session and consultation!

Service area and hours

We offer personal training sessions at your home, local park, and other public locations around Ventura, Oxnard, and Camarillo. I suggest getting started in your home as that is where you spend the most of your time with your dog and where many behaviors originate from. Going forward I'm happy to meet you and your dog at your home and other public locations depending on what we are working on.




Ventura and Oxnard

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 4pm to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 7PM


Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 7PM

Training Packages

See below to schedule and introduction training session.
We can help suggest which training package may be best for your situation.

Basic training package

3 personal training sessions

Get started on the right foot with training. Do you have a new dog or puppy you have added to your family? Get a great handle on your dog's behavior and eliminate any behavior problems from developing.


  • Loose leash walking
  • Build social skills
  • Be a leader
  • Basic Commands
    (sit, stay, heel, lie down)
  • Basic good behavior
    (not jumping, potty training, etc.)
  • Intro to recall
    (coming when called)
  • Calm anxiousness
  • Invitation to meet-ups

Noble Dog Package

6 personal training sessions

Is your dog a handful? Be a great leader for your dog and feel comfortable taking your dog out in public situations. Improve your dogs social skills towards other dogs and people if they have aggression or anxiety issues.


  • Includes all from Basic Training
  • Improve aggression issues
  • Extensive socialization
  • Anxiety issues
  • Reliable recall
  • Dominance
  • Greatly calm anxious dogs
  • Includes multiple dogs
    (If applicable in family)
  • Invitation to meet-ups

Advanced training package

9 personal training sessions

Dive deep into learning about your dog's behavior. If your dog has intense behavior issues or you're looking to incorporate your dog in all facets of life both on and of leash this could be the package for you.


  • Includes all from Noble Dog
  • Custom training
    (Achieve your behavior goals)
  • Hard to manage dogs
  • Training in many environments
  • Long term success
  • Includes multiple dogs
    (If applicable in family)
  • Continuous support
  • Invitation to meet-ups

Get started with training and behavior modification today

The way I get started with people is by scheduling an initial training session. The first training session generally runs an hour long where we can get started working with your dog. We can talk about your dog's behavior and take them for a walk together around your neighborhood. After working with you and your dog and based on their behavior I'll have a good idea on what we can get accomplished in our training packages. I ask $100 for the first training session that I'm happy to apply towards any training session moving forward.

Get started today

Please send us an email
Tell us a little bit about your dogs behavior and your training goals. If you can let us know what town you live in that helps with scheduling. We will contact you shortly to help answer any questions and set up our first training session.

Give us a call (805) 222-6726
Please leave a message as I'm frequently in training sessions.

Need help? Have questions?
Feel free to contact me!

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Training Session cancellation policy

We are happy to reschedule training sessions to a different day or time if needed for any reason. However to provide the best service to our clients we do have charges if cancellations are made with less than 24 hours notice.

Less than 24 hours notice cancellation

$30 charge

Less than 3 hours notice cancellation

Loss of training session