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Hello! I’m Tyler Austin, The Noble Dog’s owner and chief trainer. Based out of Ventura, California, we service Ventura and surrounding areas. I’ve been deeply involved with raising and working with dogs my whole life. I have always enjoyed obedience training and have been focusing on dog behavioral modification professionally since 2012. I've worked with hundreds of people in Ventura county to improve their dogs behavior and social skills.

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Ready For A Happier Dog That's Easier To Manage?

Understand that you’re not alone

Like most dog owners, you may be experiencing chronic behavior issues or bad habits with your pet. The fact is many dog owners experience behavioral problems with their furry best friends.

The problem usually occurs when some dog owners think they can manage the issues on their own, or simply choose to “go it alone”.

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In many cases it's best to call a professional

And that’s where I come in! Together, we’ll get you and your dog on the same wavelength. You’ll be happier, experience more good times, and become closer with your pet than you ever imagined.

I invite you to take a moment to fully check out this site and my services. Let’s see what I can do for your dog and you.

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