Permanently Closed

We are now permanently closed. Thank you to all the great people and doggies I got to work with over the years. Special thanks to my dogs Ollie and Chata who helped with teaching other dogs how to socialize. If anyone would like to contact me about non dog training matters -

The Noble Dog

Behavior Modification and Training

Ventura County, California

Ready To Be A Better Dog Owner?

Welcome to The Noble Dog!

Hello! I’m Tyler Austin, The Noble Dog’s owner and chief trainer. Based out of Ventura, California, we service Ventura and surrounding areas. I’ve been deeply involved with raising and working with dogs my whole life. I have always enjoyed obedience training and have been focusing on dog behavioral modification professionally since 2012. I've worked with hundreds of people in Ventura county to improve their dogs behavior and social skills.




Ready For A Happier Dog That's Easier To Manage?

Understand that you’re not alone

Like most dog owners, you may be experiencing chronic behavior issues or bad habits with your pet. The fact is many dog owners experience behavioral problems with their furry best friends.

The problem usually occurs when some dog owners think they can manage the issues on their own, or simply choose to “go it alone”.

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In many cases it's best to call a professional

And that’s where I come in! Together, we’ll get you and your dog on the same wavelength. You’ll be happier, experience more good times, and become closer with your pet than you ever imagined.

I invite you to take a moment to fully check out this site and my services. Let’s see what I can do for your dog and you.

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Common behavior problems we help with

  • Walking properly

  • Socializing

  • Basic commands

  • Aggression

  • Integrating

  • Dominance

  • Destructive behavior

  • Running away

  • Anxiety

  • And More!

We can help you build your:


Fully enjoy your dog

Trust your dog's good behavior around family members and out in public

Have fun training together


Be a great influence

We will work together to communicate calmly and effectively with your dog

Positively influence behavior


Build social skills

Teach your dog to interact in a friendly way with people and other dogs

Feel comfortable meeting others

Basic Commands

Master the basics

We will work with you to get down the basic commands in many situations

Heal, sit, stay, come, and more!

We make people genuinely happy

Tyler is amazing! His expertise has made a difficult situation into a success story. I rescued a 14 month-old JRT mix. She had fear, anxiety & was aggressive towards people & dogs. Tyler helped give me the tools to help her become relaxed & happy. She's no longer aggressive & has become friendly. We are able to go to the dog park & she's now able to feel secure & com... Read More

Jennifer W


The Noble dog worked with our dog Jaygo. He is a tough one to work with because he is so smart and VERY STUBBORN! Tyler did it with ease and was so knowledgeable!!! I love how personable he is and I can text him any time I have questions about training now! Thank you for helping make our dog Jaygo better to be around! He listens to our commands WAY better, he walks si... Read More

Janelle L

Thousand Oaks

We are so glad we found Tyler. He was the perfect mix to ease our dog's anxiety when we left the house. He didn't just train our dog - he trained us on the techniques to train Franklin. While our problem wasn't walking our dog, it was interesting to learn helpful skills to show Franklin who is boss, while out on a walk. I appreciated Tyler's flexibility, professionali... Read More

Nina K


My new rescue, Luna is a small terrier mix who is such a sweet dog... with people. I noticed she would lunge, snarl, and yelp loudly at other dogs she saw. When my family visited and brought their puppy, she would snap at him, and even charged at him when he got too close to me or her toys. She made a scene literally everywhere I took her, and it was horribly embarras... Read More

Alyssa K


Working with The Noble Dog was a great experience for my husband and I. We have a black lab that was experiencing aggression issues after being attacked by stray dogs on a run. We went from taking him with us everywhere to avoiding taking him on walks because if he saw another dog a block away he freaked out. We realized this was unhealthy for both our dog and us a... Read More

Katie K


Our 9 months old German Shepherd named Turbo was having aggression both towards people and other dogs. He would go berserk on walks when he sees other people or dogs. He would bark and lunges aggressively toward them. The issues seems to be getting worse and worse, to the point where we were contemplating on giving him up, but we decided to give him another chance.... Read More

Hoang T


We got our rescue dog Odie, a rescue who is about 1 year old, and we slowly found out he didn't like men, and most likely experienced some level of abuse before we got him. He was aggressive towards men, not well mannered when walking, and was beginning to try to take things over in the house. In comes Tyler...he quickly and calmly figures out the first few areas of ... Read More

Anthony G


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